Do you know Your Spouse Love Language?

When it comes to marriage a lot of us have either forgotten our spouses love language or we never knew it from the beginning.  Every spouse has a love language and often we don’t speak that language to our spouses.

For instance, the husband love language could be touch where the wife it could be affirmation, and regardless of what his or her love language is it is our job to tap into it so that we can complement one another.

When a husband seems to have forgotten his wife love language she can be a little distance for a period and same for the husband if the wife forgets. It can also bring frustration in the Marriage and hostility. Now you have two married couples who have distanced themselves because they now think the other is not appreciative of them in their love language.

During the marriage I believe a person’s love language changes and it’s our job to always keep the line of communication open, so we will know what is happening in each other lives. It’s so easy to take the other spouse for granted at times not to say one sets out to do it but most couples get themselves into a certain routine and before you know it every day becomes the norm. And so that is why we must keep the lines open, so we don’t take one another for granted or get into those routines.

Now if you don’t know your spouse love language then maybe tonight would be a good time where you both can sit down and talk about it. Ask your spouse what is their love language you just might be surprise as to what they say and what you thought was now has turned out to be something different.

And remember if you happen to get his or her love language wrong because you thought it was something else remember it’s never too late to go and find out what their love language is. …Enjoy yourselves...Love languages are the best when each couple begins to speak the other persons language. It draws you closer to them and it brings newness to the Marriage…AMEN


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  1. suefair48 says:

    My husband and I try to say things to each other like, “I heard you say this” and then we give our perspective. It’s funny how it’s often very different from the other person’s view. I know my husband sees service to me as love while I like touch and connection more. It’s important, though, as you say to keep connecting and reaffirming what each other’s language is so that you can ensure you’re on the same page. Marriage is ongoing, ever-changing and hard work.

  2. Desiray says:

    Absolutely, marriage is on going. My husband and I work at it daily. We are learning to never assume. Keeping those lines of communication open always.

  3. Fab piece of writing, this one!
    I had compiled a list of such ‘love gestures’ some weeks back. It could become an extension of your article. May be you’d want to have a look.

  4. Desiray says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I did read your article. Have a blessed day today.

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