Coffee Barista Wednesday

Welcome to “Barista Wednesday” and thank you for being a part of it. For the last couple of days here on the East Coast we have been experiencing some hot and humid temperatures. Just to hot for me. Now let us have some table talk fun, shall we?

Question: Do you say yams or sweet potatoes?

My Answer: I say yams. Oh how I love yams. I have them for dinner once a week.  Its not just for Thanksgiving Day 🙂 💜

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  1. I say sweet potatoes and I do love them. Roasted is good but mashed sweet potatoes are wonderful!

  2. desirayl says:

    Yes, I love the roasted. Have not tried it as mash potatoes but I will definitely make it tonight for dinner. ❤

  3. hope says:

    I say yams. I love them but some of my family do not, so I don’t get them often, but always count it a blessing when I do.

  4. desirayl says:

    I understand that. My husband only eat at Thanksgiving Day. Other then that he will not eat them when I fix them. 💚

  5. hope says:

    Maybe, it is more of a guy thing. My husband won’t eat them and sometimes skips them even at Thanksgiving! Blessings to you dear friend! 🌼

  6. desirayl says:

    You are probably right Hope. ❤ Blessings to you as well.

  7. Cindy Dawson says:

    Sweet potatoes!

  8. desirayl says:

    👍. Thank you Cindy for engaging.

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