Wedding Dress: Spiritual Preparation


Matthew 22:11 says” But when the king came in to see the guest, he noticed a man there who was not wearing wedding clothes.

Many who appear to have accepted Christ invitation and claim to be members of God’s kingdom will not be wearing “wedding clothes” the wedding clothes symbolizes a condition of spiritual preparation and readiness. In other words, they do not possess true faith in Christ. (They do not truly rely on him or trust his word to guide their lives)

They do not truly obey God’s Word and they are not prepared for his return. Christ refers to the man who was not wearing wedding clothes to urge all of us to examine ourselves to ensure that we are prepared to serve God now and be with Him forever.

In your spare time today go and read the entire Chapter of Matthew 22:1-22 it’s a beautiful story of how we are to be ready.


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  1. This post is perfect timing for my reading plan. Matthew 21 is today’s chapter and tomorrow is Matthew 22 in my daily Bible reading plan. Reading a chapter a day from the New Testament 🙂

  2. desirayl says:

    Praising God. He always knows how to do things. Enjoy reading Matthew and all the revelation God is going to give you. 🎵

  3. desirayl says:

    Good afternoon Rosemary. ☺ Thank you for engaging.

  4. You’re welcome ☺️

  5. I loved this one! Good job Desi!

  6. desirayl says:

    Thank you lady bug..

  7. Dee Min says:

    I like the premise of your blog. Glad I stumbled upon you. 🙏🏽

  8. desirayl says:

    So excited that you stumbled upon my site. 😀 Come back anytime. Better yet subscribe this way you will never miss a devotional of mine.


  9. Dee Min says:

    Thanks much!!! Blessings on you always. Dee

  10. desirayl says:

    Same to you and your family.

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