Being Happy

Why are you not happy? Where are you placing your happiness?




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  1. Lade says:

    I am currently experiencing something similar. I feel really dissatisfied and I find my self complaining and feeling blue. I told a friend when she asked how I was and she said I have a gratitude problem. I said I was grateful to God I just want more. And she told me I would always want more, that’s life and that’s okay. But I need to learn genuine gratitude. She reminded me of my past situation and how I prayed for where I currently am. It made me realise my happiness is really not dependent on what I have going for me. I need to cultivate a spirit of gratitude that can see and think of the good even in the bad.

    The podcast blessed me. Thank you.

  2. desirayl says:

    Lade, Glad that the podcast blessed you. Sounds like you have a good friend. You are blessed to have a friend who will not only encourage you but speak the truth to you.

    Do not be hard on yourself either, we all have things in which we need to work on. God is a good Father and He knows each one of us.

    Have a bless day and thank you for listening to the podcast.

  3. Lade says:

    Indeed I have a good friend. Thank you for the advise.

  4. desirayl says:

    That is great. We all need friends like that.

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