The battlefield of The Mind

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7 

Yesterday, while I was looking through my Facebook feeds. I came across this message that stopped me from scrolling any further. Oh, how true this statement really is. And so, I want to share it with you, my readers.

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“Honey do not let your beautiful mind become a battlefield. Just because someone has shown you their weapons does not mean you have to accept the war. Those who try to break you are expecting you to be in fight mode. Conquer them with your peace…”

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  1. simba frank says:

    You don’t have to bite on everything you see

  2. Gracedxoxo says:

    Joyce Meyers’ fantastic book — The Battlefield of the Mind. It’s where it all starts.

  3. desirayl says:

    Exactly. I read her book the day it hit the shelves. Excellent reading.

  4. Refuse to be baited into conflicts that don’t matter – in light of eternity. Or even in a few days/months or years.Great reminder!

  5. desirayl says:

    Your welcome my friend. We need reminders. This one especially because it’s so easy to play.

    That’s why we need to remember that our fight is not against flesh and blood. It’s those spirits that are in high places.

  6. Jesus held His peace and did not answer His accusers. He is our defender. I know I need reminding at times. I love Joyce Meyer’s book Beauty for Ashes. It has so much good info. Great Post Desi!

  7. desirayl says:

    I do nor know how Jesus was able to hold His peace from His accusers. It’s so hard for us to do. I often ask myself how was He able when I struggle with so much.

  8. He is God and we are flesh. He has such great mercy. We just have to learn little by little. I know that is how I grow. Mainly I learn from my mistakes, and they just make me pray harder for the help I need. And He always gives it. He is so great and merciful to us!

  9. desirayl says:

    Yes, He is sis.

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