Stop Playing With God


There must come a time in each of us that we need to examine our walk with God. When are we going to take God seriously? When are we going to stop straddling the fence with God? It really comes down to one simple question. When are we going to stop playing with GOD?

God has been good to each of us.  He has given you and I grace and mercy. He has loved us He has comforted and protected us more than we can even imagine. He has done so much for us that we do not even deserve what He has done.

Why are you playing with God? If you died today, can you honestly say without a doubt that you will be spending eternity with God in heaven? The time of playing with God must cease. The time of excuses must cease. It is time to get right with God now, not later today, not tomorrow but at this very second. 

God is- Elohim (God) -God our creator/ Abba (Father) He is your Father./ Jehovah- Jireh (The Lord Will Provide)/ Jehovah-Shalom (The Lord is Peace)/ El Elyon- (The Most High God)/ El Kanna (The Jealous God)/ El Roi (The God Who Sees)/ Jehovah Ro’i (God the Shepherd)

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Great ponderable question.
    When are we going to stop playing with God and dicing with sin?

  2. Preach then sis!!!

    This message needs to be played on loudspeakers throughout the whole Earth.

    Thank you for your ministry of writing.

    Keierra Reenell (Royal butterfly 8 on WordPress)

  3. desirayl says:

    Keierra, thank you. May you have a bless day today. 🙏 God is good.

  4. Yes ma’am He is. You have a blessed rest of your week

  5. Beverley says:

    Amen. We need to be serious with our devotion to God. Powerful word. Thank you

  6. Amen! A question we each need to answer sooner than later.

  7. desirayl says:

    Exactly, we better start asking ourselves that. I know I did.

  8. desirayl says:

    Yes, Beverely. I agree with you.

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