21 Day Prayer Challenge

Broken relationships does not mean it can not be fixed.
God specializes in Brokenness.

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Pray for your family, marriage, children, health, career, etc. and watch what the Lord will do in your life. Take this Prayer Challenge your life will never be the same.

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No family is perfect. Remember that.

Pray for your family .

Pray for the children in your home, pray for their education, pray that what they have learned in school that they will retain all the information. Pray for direction for your children, pray that they make healthy relationships at school. Pray that they do not fall to the evil ways of the world, pray for protection when they leave the house. Pray that your children will be a blessing to their teachers and students in the class.

The effectual prayer of the righteous” James 5:16… Therefore, confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

Jesus fasted for forty days and forty nights. There is something powerful about prayer. I do not know about you but the only thing I know how to do is pray.

First start praying for “Yourself” Pray that God will change anything in you that is not godly.

Second Pray for Your Family, those under your roof first. (We must first minister to those who are under our roof before we can begin to minister to others) Pray for everyone in the family daily (you know their needs and what they face)

When you pray for your “family” be extremely specific with the prayers, pray for salvation for those who are not saved in your home. Pray that their hearts would be softened to listen to the word of God. Pray that they seek the Lord for guidance in their everyday routines.

Pray for your relationship with those under your roof. Pray that your relationship with each person draws you all closer to one another. Pray that you all become more patience with one another, pray that you all will be more loving towards each other, pray that you all will be more forgiven and understanding towards each other. Pray that you will go to church together and pray together as a family.

Pray for your Spouse, pray that their relationship with Christ deepens. That their walk with the Lord increases if your spouse is not saved keep praying for salvation for your spouse. And as you are praying begin to thank God and believe it.

Pray for strength in your marriage towards each other as a couple. Ask the Lord to show you both how to love your spouse, the way God loves them. Pray that your marriage will always honor the Lord. Pray that God enrich your lovemaking and intimacy.

Pray that you will raise your children in the knowledge of the Lord, pray for godly discipline when it comes to the children. Husbands pray for your wife that she will be the woman God created her to be, wives pray for your husband that he will be the man who God has created him to be.

As a couple pray over your finances that you will be good stewards of what God has entrusted you both with. Pray for your job careers ask the Lord to help you to make godly decisions when at work, pray that your integrity will remain faithful to God.

When you and I begin to take charge of what God has already given us we stand under the blessings of GOD! In today’s world we see and hear of many things that are happening to so many families. Marriages being torn apart children acting out of anger all because they do not know how to deal with life’s issues or things happening in the home.

In life if we do anything for a period of times it becomes habit-forming and that is what I am trying to show you.

God is faithful to His Word!

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  1. Nicole says:

    I will be joining in! Love this challenge and it is something that shouldn’t be such a challenge 🙂 Love this! Thanks for letting me know about it and giving me a chance to join in!

  2. chosenwoman says:

    Oh yes Nicole, actually the challenge starts when ever you want it to. There is no set date, and reason being is because I want everyone who finds out about it to do it when they see it. So if someone comes a month later they will see it and begin it themselves. For it’s an on going thing in their lives

  3. norma Carroll says:

    Yes , it is an on going challenge……one that I will take. Thank you for posting it.

  4. chosenwoman says:

    You are welcome Norma can’t wait to hear eveyone testimony of what God did for them

  5. chosenwoman says:

    Alright I posted this challenge way before I started the challenge and so today I want to share my testimony. Me and my husband have always prayed together that is not new, but several months before this challenge the Lord was speaking to me to start being very specific with my prayers. And since then my prayer life has changed, but how many of you know that the more you pray it seem as though things are getting worse? Well needless to say we ran into a few minor problems, my husband was faced with allot of pressure at work with him being an Engineer his plate was very full, and he tried to keep it away from me. Funny how the enemy can make what you already know and have been doing for years all of a sudden come under attack as though this is new for you.

    I had no idea this was going on at work for him, but how many of you know that when you pray God will reveal things to you concerning another person? We talked about the pressure he was facing at work and we took it to GOD! And asked God to lighten the load.

    Then our car was the second problem the mechanic said it would cost over a thousand dollars to get the engine repaired, now I don’t know much about cars but to me that is expensive. Once we got an estimate of the car we didn’t know if God wanted us to repair the car or buy a new car. But I was more concern about my husband at work then about the car, and he was concerned about both. So I did what I know best I prayed I started being very specific about my husband’s job, I prayed for peace, strength, guidance every thing he need to get his job done and meet deadlines I prayed for, I prayed for our marriage to be closer then it was yesterday, for you and I both know that when a person is stress those whom you love feel it? And so I was feeling it.

    I prayed for my husband relationship with Jesus that each day no matter how busy he is at work that he would read his word before he picked up one of his novels to read. I prayed for his peace of mind family I prayed day and night being very specific in what he and I needed.

    And you know what God blessed just like His word says so, just last week my husband got a call from our credit union telling us that we was approved for (let me just say this, it was 100 fold blessing) What ever we decide to do with the car we can now do either get it fix or buy a new one we have the money. Thanks be to GOD~. why am I sharing this with you, because there is power in prayer when you and I put forth the effort! When God says “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” He means it! ”

    I tell you family I haven’t stopped thanking God for the blessing, been praising and dancing since Friday and then to go to church today the pastor spoke about “The Altar” wow! God is so very true to His word!

    Sharing with you my testimony I hope it inspired you to start praying and praying specific. And never stop praying, become a people of prayer. Because Prayer is your weapon! Prayer moves things in the atmosphere.

  6. Desiray, thank you for sharing. I have prayed for years now, but I find myself praying generalities rather than for specifics. And I find myself praying for others instead of myself. I think I’ve always figured other’s need God’s hand and that my concerns can take a back seat. How silly to think that God has to apportion his blessings! So, I am taking this challenge. Just like I have to re-focus on my workouts in order to up the intensity and see results, I too have to re-focus on my relationship with God and my prayer habits. Thank you for this post!

  7. chosenwoman says:

    Melinda I am so excited to see you are going to re-focus yourself. I know years when i was a babe in Christ I thought others prayers was more powerful then mine, but it wasn’t until i saw things happening in my life that caused me to start pressing in. I am not saying that God doesn’t answer our prayers for He does but we have to be specific for the prayers of a righteous man avails much. and a fervent prayer is one who is very specific in what they need from God. Many people in the bible whom Jesus healed was very specific about what they needed, sight, woman with issue of blood, the deaf need to see, lame needed to walk and so they was specific and they got blessed, when we are specific our faith matches it. Glad you was blessed by the challenge and I pray you tell others so that they can see how very vital praying really is to our being of life.

  8. norma Carroll says:

    You said to be specific in our prayer requests……so I have. I’ve placed my illness squarely in our Lords hands……..and it is slowly becomining resolved ! So far, the doctors haven’t figured it out…….of course, Our Lord has ! Praise Him……..and yes……prayer works ! As in your testimony Desiray……..specific requests are always granted……whether in our timing……or most likely…..His ! Again, thanks for posting.Your tips are always inspiring and uplifting.

  9. chosenwoman says:

    thanks you Norma and praise God for what He is doing with your health, one of the things I teach people about prayer is don’t get caught up on the time or days just like with this challenge I am trying to teach people that anything we do every day becomes habit forming so if a person never prayed every day if they took this challenge they will for get about the number of days and start praying every day. Because that is truly what we are to be doing anyway praying every day, that is why it says give us this day our daily bread. One has to be very specific about there prayers and God has truly shown me this over and over in my own life and it has never failed me and never will.

    Thanks for sharing our God is a healer! I will keep you in prayer as you are praying yourself.

  10. chosenwoman says:

    My fried you just found it where you commented, as you read it that is what the prayer challenge is. There is not steps or a format for prayer. It’s you praying for the needs of your family every day and when you pray be specific.

  11. Marva Bradbury says:

    Thank so much for sharing, I am in staring today… Will share my testimony in 21 day, all Glory to God. Thank you so much!

  12. chosenwoman says:

    you are welcome sis I can’t wait to hear what God does in your life

  13. glenda says:

    There’s a reason why I found this site. I will try the 21 day prayer challenge. I am a baby christian. Trying to learn all I can and hear God’s voice daily.

  14. chosenwoman says:

    glenda welcome to the Cafe’ I am so glad you found the site, and I know this 21 day prayer challenge will change your life, as you know the number 21 has no meaning to it. What I am saying about the challenge is this, when people pray everyday it no longer becomes a chore but a habit, and so anytime we do something all the time in life it becomes a habit to us, that is why I said 21 days so we can make prayer a habit forming. I do hope you come back again, soon

  15. chosenwoman says:

    Sister I am going to email you right now! So please check your email and no need to apolgize for the length of the letter I understand what you was saying, I thank God you was able to find my site…God sure does know where to send us don’t He?

  16. Zipporah says:

    I will start next week.

  17. morningdevotion says:

    Thanks for the encouragement to talk with the Father more frequently. Your zeal for the Kingdom is important and refreshing. God bless you.


  18. Desiray says:

    Thank you for reading it. Are you going to take the challenge

  19. davidkitz says:

    Prayer changes everything because faith in God changes everything.

  20. jewelldmoore says:

    Thank for liking my blog. I will check yours out soon. God bless you.

  21. Martha Hoskins says:

    Could you email me some sample prayers for each prayer I should 🙏 for each 21 days. Myself, my family, my finances etc. Thank you!

  22. Martha Hoskins says:

    I need sample prayers for each category!

  23. Desiray says:

    Martha it’s whatever in your heart that you kust pray to God about

  24. scumlikeuschurch says:

    wow, great site, thanks for dropping by, God Bless

  25. Love this. Particularly your reminder for be stubborn, consistent and specific when addressing prayer. Also if one is truly open and honest about what he/she is praying about he/she can learn a big deal of him/herself and the relation with the divine. I really love your reminder to pray for the removal of what is not yet divine in us. Personally I believe that everything is an aspect of the divine, even our mistakes, but I can feel what you are mentioning here. I take it to be a reminder and a pray for a refinement of our awareness and our connection with the Supreme. 🙂 thanks

  26. theauthoroftruth says:

    Thanks for the like

  27. I’d love to take this challenge. Prayers have worked wonders in my life.

  28. Desiray says:

    I know for me prayer is the only thing I can do. I took this challenge and it did wonders.

  29. Mercy says:

    I will definitely take this challenge this first month of the year starting 11/01/2015

  30. Lovely! Very inspiring challenge

  31. Desiray says:

    thank you my dear. Are you going to take the challenge?

  32. shellyhu83 says:

    I needed this! Thank you x

  33. Desiray says:

    Shelly you are more then welcome my dear

  34. Cristina says:

    Dear i will be wedding on sunday 31/01/16 but i has not been easy on me. It seem the hell has been let loose on me. My fiances old girls friend are attacked and took his phone wit all our pictures inside. She called to insulted, all his business are close no finance, I been every things is turning apart. I just need some councelling and how to pray.
    Thanks Cristina

  35. Desiray says:

    When life happens to us it takes us,by surprise. That is why I did this 21 day Challenge because of what I been through. Prayer really is our weapon, not ony does it defeat the enemy it keeps us at peace. It restores and mature us. You have to keep praying no matter how bad things get. For you will be victorious if you don’t give up. When it seems like you can’t take no more, just ask the Lord to strengthen you. Remember we dont fight against flesh and blood.

  36. Sheldon Bass says:

    I’m so glad to have stopped by. I’ve received a tremendous blessing here. Thank you, and keep up the great work. With love in Jesus.

  37. Desiray says:

    Thank you Sheldon, praise God for the blessing you received. God bless you and please feel free to stop in anytime. AMEN

  38. Nana says:

    God sent me to this site for a reason. I’m so thankful that He did. We are going to take this 21-day challenge.
    I pray that EVERYONE who decides to do this will remain strong and consistent as well as diligent in prayer, studying God’s Word and acting on it in Jesus name!!! Amen!!!
    Let those who are seeking you for an encounter with You find You, Lord!!!
    God continue to bless the site owner🙏🏾

  39. Desiray says:

    Thank you Nana, may you grow richly in your prayer life.

  40. I’m so glad I found this… I did so need it today!

  41. Desiray says:

    Praise the Lord

  42. gaustin00 says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and liking it. Like you prayer is key. It is key to all relationships and our walk with Jesus. So thank you for this lovely blog page and the encouragement to step up to the plate.

  43. Desiray says:

    Glad you enjoyed the challenge…I often retake this challenge myself…

  44. gaustin00 says:

    Wonderful challenge!
    PS Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog post “Are You Satisfied with Your Life”

  45. wow,thanx a lot.it’s quite encouraging.sometimes I pray and I feel like God is not listening anymore, so I give but htanx for restoring my hope dear.

  46. Desiray says:

    You are welcome, we are to encourage one another. At the time when this was in the phase of writing, I didn’t know what to expect. But one thing I did knew was, I can’t help other’s if I didn’t go through it.

    God is great and He’s always listening to us. We cant go by our feelings for they lie to us. We have to go by what the word says.

  47. indeed you’re right,i really need to stop living by what i feel because God is in me. I pray that he grants you his favour that you may serve him selflessly and may his glory shine upon you always,and blessings in whatever you lay your hands on. that’s my prayer

  48. Desiray says:

    Thank you so much for the prayer. And I pray you continue in your walk by faith and not by sight. God bless you

  49. joshmorrisfishing says:

    Wow. God is so great! I needed to read this article today. I posted mine as usual and your like brought me here. My Girlfriend and I are getting married and on seeking Gods face my article was born. Only to bring me to yours. We pray, we pray together daily. The encouragement from your post was awesome. Thank you so much. Thank God for his word and grace.

  50. Desiray says:

    I love how God brings people together. Thank you for reading it. I pray that you and your girl friend continues to pray together. For that will help you both.

    God bless you and may your faith in Christ deepens everyday.

  51. Teresa Duke says:

    Prayer is the most important and powerful tool we have as Chris followers. That is the reason Satan tries so hard to keep us from it. I’m continually amazed at how God continually answers our prayers, both big and small in His time. Thank you for this reminder of the beauty of prayer. We all need it and our nation needs it terribly.

  52. Desiray says:

    Good morning Teresa. Thank you for commenting. May you have a bless day today.

  53. Is it fast and pray or just prayer?

  54. Desiray says:

    It can be both. The main thing is that we pray constantly.

  55. I need this. I am taking up the challenge. Thanks for the guidance

  56. desirayl says:

    That is Great News. Please do come back after the challenge and share. I can not wait to hear what God will do.

  57. Jessica W says:

    I love this challenge Desirayl. With the new year being today, what a wonderful way to start it off. We all should want the best for our families. What better way then begin to pray for them. Thank you so much for sharing this. Happy New Years to you and yours.

  58. Tammy S says:

    I agree with Jessica on this Desirayl. Terrific way to start the New Year. Thanks

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