The Beatitudes

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The sermon on the Mount.

Blessed AreCharacter QualityDescriptionReferences
the poor in spiritHumilityStripped of pride and sensitive to God’s ministry on their behalfIsaiah 61:1
those who mournSensitivityResponsive to personal sinfulness and tenderhearted toward one anotherIsaiah 61:2
the meekMeeknessDemonstrate of self-control and submissionMt.6:33; 1 Peter3:1-7
those who hunger and thirst for righteousnessObedienceDesire to hear and do the will of GodLuke 1:53
the mercifulCompassionOutworking of faith to meet the needs of othersLuke 1:58
the pure in heartHolinessLifestyle of set apartness including thoughts and actionsPsalm 24:4-6
the peacemakerReconciliation Forbearance instead of retaliation; forgiveness of wrongs; restoration of fellowshipRomans 3:25; Eph. 4:32 1John 1:7
those who are persecuted because of righteousnessCommitmentSteadfast loyalty that cannot be brokenLuke 13:35; 2 Thes. 2:15-17; 2 Timothy 2:3
those who are insulted and persecuted PatienceWillingness to endure suffering1 Peter 2:19-21; 3:14 Rev. 12:11

The Beatitudes teach us how to treat other people. The Beatitudes teach us how to act




“My heart’s desire is to live the life that Jesus spoke about on the Sermon on the Mount. I know I cannot do it by myself. I know it is only done through the Holy Spirit and Christ alone. There are moments when I miss the mark. But thanks be to God that He picks me up and knock the dust from me. So that I can continue my journey with Him.”


Jesus changes us from the inside out.